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Or sign in with one of these services. By WAAAYTOOOMarch 16, in Royal Caribbean Discussion. I wonder if there are any Club Royale members out there who have received any information on the new casino rewards program? What little information I have received has been both contradictory and fuzzy. I understand the casino royale royal caribbean program will have a tiered rewards hierarchy. That's about all I know for sure.

I have heard that it was going to start in March but was delayed. I've heard lots of conflicting information on what is being retained from the old program and what is new.

I have heard that there is a rather nebulous process by which we are all being "grandfathered" into some appropriate according to what criteria All or none casino royale royal caribbean these things may be true. If anyone knows the info, it will be Stephanie.

I'm sure once she finds this thread, she'll comment! Well, as luck would have it, my husband and I both received letters from Club Royale in yesterday's mail the same day I posted my original comment - Mar.

As I had "heard" before, the address lake casino mystic benefit" rewards earned during your play on a cruise that is granted to you as a cash rebate on your next cruise has been extended through March 15, That means that if you have earned a rebate benefit on a cruise you have already taken, then you can still redeem that cash rebate on a subsequent cruise casino royale royal caribbean March 15, Originally, we had been told that as of March we would lose whatever rebate benefits we had accrued from any previous cruises.

It looks like they have extended the time to use that rebate The letter also included the following line - "If you're setting sail soon, we also want to remind you that your tier level in the new program is based on play, and the evaluation period is still underway for a few more weeks, through March 15, ".

I received this letter on March 16, So much for " The letter goes on to assure us that correspondence is coming our way in April that will detail the "exciting new program". Casino royale royal caribbean I have said in previous posts, whenever RCCL tells you that they have an "exciting new program" that generally means they are reducing or removing benefits that you previously had.

Ok so Casino royale royal caribbean am on Quantum now and have been bugging the Casino Staff like crazy to give me an answer but they say the same stuff They know as much as you got in the rock casino resort river I Will say casino royale royal caribbean I just booked a 10 night on Anthem for January and got Casino rates and got to use a rebate so like you said that is still intact until March I plan to call in April and have them give me a full explanation about this tiered benefit stuff.

I saw that NCL runs their casino this way. Maybe they are trying to copy them with this? But If I casino royale royal caribbean any more info Casino royale royal caribbean will post Yeah, they are pretty closed-mouth about all of it. I think they are kinda making casino royale royal caribbean up as they go. One thing is for sure I think this totally stinks.

I agree that they are probably modeling their program after the NCL program. To be honest, I have found the NCL program to be far more responsive in a number of ways than the RCCL program. For instance, after being a member of the NCL program for only 1 cruise, I was given a "free" cruise.

Now, as we all know, a "free" casino royale royal caribbean is far from free So I guess there are upsides and downsides to both programs. Knowing how RCCL operates though, I anticipate that the new program will be harder to qualify for than the old one, have less generous benefits and just, overall, to be less beneficial than the old system. That's just the casino royale royal caribbean things are going with RCCL.

I am under the distinct impression that the Casino and Gaming is subcontracted out; just like the Spa, Park West and the Art Gallery, and the Shoppes Onboard.

And like the Spa, the company that actually operates the Casino and it's employees; probably does so for all the cruise lines. So, what we see as changes in RCL policies may really be changes in the policy from the Casino operator. They used to be. About 5 casino royale royal caribbean ago RCCL took the casinos over.

I agree with you. I sailed with NCL once thanks to a local casino's free cruise offer with NCL, and from that cruise, I earned a comped cruise in a balcony cabin that I'm using on the new Norwegian Escape next year. Plus, NCL's current promotion is also giving us free beverage packages so we can get free drinks anywhere on the ship! With Royal Caribbean's Club Royale, only once did I have a rebate high enough to pay for a cruise.

Most of the time, it's just a few hundred dollars. Well, you definitely did better than Casino royale royal caribbean did, Marc. I have only EVER gotten a couple of hundred dollars rebate from Club Royale BUT I am also NOT a high roller.

That is sweet about the NCL drink package. It's now February Anyone receive any new updates on the new program?

I also would like to know. ON the Allure group cruise I plan to ask the host if they know anything Nothing new that I am aware of. Just the same info we have been getting about cash rebates ending in March but rebates able to be applied casino royale royal caribbean cruise fare through December I think. My husband and I were just welcomed into the club on our October sailing. Prior to that we always sailed with Mlife because we were at a platinum status. Do you know if you have to get so many points casino royale royal caribbean get free drink coupons?

Or complimentary speciality dining? We automatically got this since we were higher status with Mlife, but now that were sailing as club royale not sure what our benefits are anymore.

Can anyone shed some light? The problem with the current Club Royale program has been that almost all of their onboard perks have been at the discretion of the casino host.

There are no set standards to let you know what benefits you may be entitled to due to your established level of play.

As far as drinks in the casino, generally, all Club Royale members should get click here drinks. However, on one of my cruises, the casino person there was no host onboard told me that I wasn't a "VIP" and I wasn't entitled to free alcoholic drinks, but I could get free sodas if I wanted. Getting ready for a cruise next week and was wondering if anyone has heard any new rumors or imformation on RCCL Casino Royale VIP program?

I get nothing from RCCL Club Royale. I have received casino offers but they are no cheaper than the regular rates. On NCL, after my first cruise I received a free cruise, I had to pay taxes, fees, grats and insurance, not too shabby. After that I received 3 more NCL cruise offers. They are all booked, Eastern Caribbean on Escape in August, Panama Canal in September, Mexican Riviera in November and one other. I love the offers from NCL. I hear alot learn more here really good things about NCL and their gaming program,i may have to look into it.

I took my first cruise this year at the end of January with Casino royale royal caribbean. Last evening aboard ship I was handed some paperwork and had to fill out forms for RC Club Royale VIP program.

The cruise i am leaving on here next week is a freebie given to me from the host of the casino, which i thought casino royale royal caribbean pretty cool. I was told that the program was going thru some changes and should be completed by mid March. I was just wondering if anyone has heard any information on the new Club Royale VIP program. Hopefully it will still benefit the player and be a quality program, I guess we will see.

Thanks for the info about NCL, i beleive from what i have heard that it may be the best Casino Player program overall. I had the same experience as firegal with NCL. I also received a "free" cruise after just 1 cruise on NCL. As she indicated, we paid for an casino royale royal caribbean the offer was for an oceanview cabin and we wanted a balconytaxes, port fees and grats.

We had a choice of a number of different ships and a number of different months. It was easy to find a cruise that we wanted.

It was a great cruise and a good experience. I believe we got free drinks while in the casino. I can't recall for sure since I'm not a big drinker. I have gotten several more offers from NCL but nothing for another FREE cruise. After a while, they stopped coming. As you mentioned, USMC, the program is in flux and nobody and I do mean NOBODY knows exactly what it's going to look like this web page the end.

They have described it as the traditional land-based casino model - numerous tier levels with graduating perks. Who knows what it's going to be in the end. It's roll-out well over a year overdue.

They have started implementing a few things that appear casino royale royal caribbean be previews of things casino royale royal caribbean come. One of them is the "free" cruise certificate that you apparently received, USMC. We got one on our last cruise as well. The problem with those certificates are that they are seriously restricted.

They are good for only a few sailings and are generally casino royale royal caribbean for dates in the casino royale royal caribbean 60 - 90 day range. Many people including us cannot take advantage of a cruise that short-term.

I have heard a lot of negative comments about these certificates. We got very lucky. They have also stopped the cash rebate program which had been a highlight of the "old" program.

We would receive a cash rebate on the next cruise, based on our play from the previous cruise. This was a nice perk. Those are now gone and being replaced with the [fairly useless] certificates. Which is the best program? Who knows what Royal's is going to look like in the end. That's a huge deal to us.

We don't have to take ANY [casino] money with us. We just use casino money to play with. Of course, we love the cruise line too If casino royale royal caribbean go too far awry we will feel free to start shopping around. I think you are my sister from another mother. I cruise to enjoy the cruise but I really cruise to gamble. Texas doesn't allow gambling so if I want to I have to go to Oklahoma, a two hour trip.

We really have to get to know each other. So far NCL's casino program has been so good click the following article me.

After taking my first cruise with them I received my first offer. It was a choice of an Eastern Caribbean and two different dates. After that I received three more offers, they were any cruise of 11 days or less, no Hawaii, casino royale royal caribbean days or less and Baltic cruises.

I was sure it was a mistake so I called them and they told me nope I had a 9 month span to pick the dates of these click to see more so I spent four days looking up every cruise and made my choices. You are right, drinks are free from the casino, which is another bonus for me. I don't drink alcohol but I drink soda, so I don't buy the soda package, take a large thermal cup in my luggage, ask the bartender for two Cokes, no ice, go to the cabin and pour them into my thermal cup and put it in the mini frig.

I do that two or three times a day and I have enough soda for the whole day and to bring into the dining areas. I think that is an amazing price. I am waiting to see what RCCL will have to offer if they bring out a new program.

Casino royale royal caribbean hope it will benefit me better because right now RCCL gives me nothing for my casino action. I have received a couple of invitations recently to slot tournaments on sailings later  this year that included casino rate room, free casino royale royal caribbean in the casino, free slot tournament entry, and a welcome cocktail party.

I'm just wondering if this is "Club Royale" or just a promo they have sent? First casino royale royal caribbean I've received this from RC. The mailings you received may have been sent to you based on your gambling on a recent cruise. On your next sailing make sure you introduce yourself to the casino host and ask them to rate you. I really don't know whether you have to be a member of Club Royale to get those or not but I seem to recall Marc saying something in another post about some of his friends getting the offers when they aren't officially member of CR.

For us, it was very simple we were on the Allure. Get at the time, anyway points. We both did, we got in and we have been reaping the benefits ever since. At least for now, it has been a godsend for us, particularly this mess with Empress-Gate. I, too, have received offers. I called on this one because I liked the July cruise. Click the following article need to casino royale royal caribbean a member in order to leave a comment.

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Club Royale VIP casino program By WAAAYTOOOMarch 16, in Royal Caribbean Discussion casino club royale. Posted March 16, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted March 17, Quantum is sooooooooooo Fantastic! Posted March 18, Posted March 19, Posted March 24, Posted January 22, Posted January 23, Posted April gila river casino entertainment, Posted April 15, Ya'll have made this far too complicated.

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