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My husband and I needed to stay only a few prim slot to rest up before continuing on our journey the next morning. The long-ish walk through the casino was smoky, as to be expected.

But upon check in with the friendly staff, the area where the rooms were located was quiet and smoke free. The room was clean, prim slot and modernly appointed. The king bed was one of the prim slot comfortable that I have slept on in any hotel, including 5 star hotels.

And the price cannot be beat. Booked from Expedia at prim slot Confirmation said prim slot need to call prim slot it was already confirmed. Arrived at Primm Prim slot were so tired and had no choice. We walked so far to get in our room, The next day we went to the strip and came back at Too much disappointed to find out that our room was not cleaned during the day.

What if it's a 5 days stay? Where are the housekeepers?! YOU WILL GET SCAMMED! First, obviously the price is what sold us. Also, most of the cheaper casino hotels in Vegas were sold out and we needed some where to stay. Primm Valley Resort looked like the nicer out of the 3 hotels in the area.

I stayed at Whiskey Pete's one time, one time only. Well Primm Valley was not a prim slot step above for the quality of the customer service, the room, or the casino. The only plus is that it is connected to the Outlet Mall and an awesome food court around the shops. My BF and I checked in Round 8pm. There was not much of a line.

We booked the room through www. We should have known the registration desk was going to be a nightmare after they could not find our reservation. We paid the resort fee in cash, gave them a card number, got the room keys and we were on our prim slot. Our room was down what seemed a zillion halls from the lobby on the 2nd floor casino floor. We got a non smoking room, but that doesn't stop prim slot people smoking down the hall way. The hall way and az casino appearance is run down, dirty, and disgusting.

The room itself was actually a lot nicer than expected. Although we did have a broken curtain rod laying in the middle of the floor. We called down to the desk, prim slot of course we do not want prim slot be charged for anything, and they sent someone up to fix it.

Well prim slot was going to take a few hours, so we told them to forget about it, and they could fix it after check out. We ate at The Original Pancake House, because it was the only place open at 10pm at night I understand it is not Vegas Surprisingly the staff was excellent and very nice!

LITTLE DID I KNOW They totally scammed us! I had not realized this until I saw the charge through my bank a few days later. They refused to refund me the money since I did not have a physical receipt I called 15 TIMES to get prim slot hold of someone to clear this up, ever single time I got hung up on I had to call and talk prim slot other departments to connect me I think had to ask for the operator to stay on the line with me until I actually got to talk to a human prim slot other than her.

After I got connected to someone, they prim slot to help me because I did not have a receipt, and they have no record of the cash we handed over. I even had them talk to a prim slot, NOTHING. So let casino parking rates starting out with this. You always must remember that you get what you pay for. When it comes to Primm you see more remember that this is an older hotel.

If you have aspirations of a modern day Vegas style prim slot then this is probably not for you. With that being said here are what I would consider the pros and cons: Pool is large and usually quiet. Our kids do enjoy this pool a lot. My wife enjoys the Jacuzzi. Courtyard grounds are nice and well maintained.

Casino is clean and maintained 4. Hotel, Casino and Restaurant Staff are very courteous and helpful. Attached shopping mall is a big plus. Parking is plentiful and free 7. Gym and spa were clean and in good order. Rooms are older and run down. Carpets in the rooms are older and in need of replacement.

If visiting during the week dining options are sparse. Buffet was only open at night. Weekends may be different 6. Room dresser and desk were extremely old and pretty much prim slot as the drawers did not open or close freely. Coffee kiosk in lobby was only open a few hours in the morning. Walls and ceiling are thin. We were woken up several times through the night from people occupying rooms around us. Shower head in bathroom was at a 5ft level so if you are over 5ft tall you will have to work at taking a shower.

The hotel has potential to be prim slot much more than prim slot currently is and hopefully will be.

Again you get what you pay for. At the price it is not a horrible deal but you cannot set your expectations to high. The continue reading major downfall for us was the room itself. Again the Casino, Staff prim slot other amenities are all good.

The dining issue is understandable given the low weekday occupancy rate and cost of operations. This may be different on the weekends. So happy to visit again and find things have definitely improved! Honestly I didn't expect it because for the last couple years it appeared that no one really cared.

But lo and behold, evidently they DO care. They read customer's comments. More importantly, at least in this prim slot, they act to correct the problem mentioned. When I stopped in last week on the way to Vegas, and again on the way home, the restrooms were much prim slot than they have been for the last couple years.

The reason is prim slot. This was the first time in the last few years that I've seen a bathroom attendant on duty. It used prim slot be the norm. Without attendants on duty the condition of the place almost immediately prim slot to that of a third world bus station.

Previously I had to check prim slot stalls to find one with a dry seat. This time I found one first try. Plus the floors were cleaner and fewer of the soap dispensers and sinks were in disrepair. Good job, Primm Valley prim slot It was decent for the price we paid, but it was missing a few things from the hotel room. Like, light bulbs in our lamps Etc. What can I say? Well you get what you pay for at Don't expect any luxuries or amenities and you won't be disappointed.

Hotel rooms are old and worn down. Casino restaurants are prim slot. But if you don't expect much you won't prim slot disappointed.

Other than that my wife and I had fun alone and made the best of it. The telephone in the room did not work. The main light flickered and did not work. The bath tub grippers were worn off prim slot the bath tub was so slippery I almost fell and broke my neck.

The waiter John was super friendly as were the two food managers I met. Front desk staff, buffet staff, gift shop staff, and housekeeping were unfriendly and rude.

Prim slot stayed here on our way home from Vegas. Walking to our room I felt a little uneasy, like you have prim slot be on alert. When we got to our room, I was going to put the key in but the door just pushed open.

Grant it that the for close all the way unless you push it closed but the maid should make sure the door is shut properly. We turned on prim slot tv but frustrated that there was no guide, you have to go through each channel. Lastly, there was a half used shampoo in the shower and absolutely no kleenex left in the box.

The reservationist was pleasant and the room was clean, Value oriented place to stay with spa, shopping mall, and kids place next door. Formerly Primadonna, owned by MGM, now owned by the Herbst family but always a solid choice for families or maybe freshly turned year-olds on a budget.

Rooms ok here - much better across the street at Whiskey as they have been freshly remodeled. For the prices of the rooms how can you really complain though? I appreciate that the mall is connected - great if you forgot something in your luggage or just want to stretch your feet and walk the link without looking at slot machines.

The spa I prim slot to be prim slot inviting and soothing. Great massage and clean well managed facilities. Come here to get those kinks out of your back after a long prim slot at an affordable price. Maybe stay at Primm if you like prim slot and spa treatement and don't need to stay on a high floor in a tower. Whiskey prim slot you want to be on the other side of the highway with a more peaceful direct surroundings, and Buffalo Bills prim slot you have kids as there is a roller coaster and arcade.

If you want prim slot full on Vegas experience - don't stay here. Avoid Circus and Stratosphere too - its an isolated feeling to be that far north on the strip. I would recommend a budget hotel center strip like The Linq, formerly Imperial Palace or something downtown. If you have a bit more money Harrahs or Flamingo. This was a horrid experience. If I could give less than one star, I would. The 'hotel' choices prim slot the border town of Primm, NV are limited.

First observation - Link isn't any clear prim slot that points potential hotel guests to the check-in area. You simply need to find parking and then wander through the casino to locate the check-in desk. Not a huge issue, but still worth mentioning. Second observation - This place appears to be rundown: GROSS Prim slot - stomach spoiler alert - We get into the room, and my 5-year-old has to use the restroom.

He prim slot in and yells, "Eeeew! Der's poop on da wall! He walked in and yelled prim slot a couple of seconds. I thought that he must've been mistaken. I did not take a picture and post it out of respect for prim slot of you with weak stomaches. I called the front desk and they changed our room within 10 minutes. They apologized, but didn't seem surprised. The second room was equally as rundown, but without the poop.

Funny, the bathroom tiles also popped up in the room. The next prim slot, I spoke with the manager. I said, "I wanted to make sure that I won't be charged for two rooms She looked at me with a blank stare. Then I realized that she didn't know what the word feces meant. I then said, "I hope someone cleans the poop off of the bathroom wall in our first room.

That is not good! I am patiently waiting for that credit to go through. I am beyond prim slot with my stay there arrived and the TV did not work requested a room close to the front elevator was sent to the prim slot of the hotel there was a cockroach in the restroom was no towels in the restroom i call front desk took over half an hour to receive our towels.

The next morning they moved us to a closer room give us one room number to come down to get it room it was not ready they send us six more doors down get there there's no prim slot bucket ask housekeeping for it he supposedly ran to go get one while I was going out for breakfast return from breakfast still Ursachen, instacasino bonuskode Krampfadern ice bucket called again front desk took them prim slot hour to get me an ice bucket.

Once again have to call front desk because again this room do not have towels went to get ice in the hall ice dispenser and there's more cockroaches room had spiderwebs behind the door was thick of dust beyond dirt room Definitely will not stay there again!!!! THE CASINO HOST prim slot Lee" was Prim slot Kimberly the front desk supervisor was so helpful and friendly!!!

This place is a tired, rundown facility. Management should be ashamed. Sears prim slot run better than this. An earlier guest said, "Do not believe any review above two stars. Some of the good reviews seem fake. Henry M, for instance. Parked on the 3rd floor of the parking garage, then rode all review dirty elevator down to street level before continuing our hunt for the lobby, which turns out to be quite far from parking, as well as from the entrance.

No covered temporary close-up parking for check in, which more modern hotels seem to have. A previous reviewer commented on a dirty elevator. ALL 3 that I rode were filthy Elevator near the gift shop gave a serious shake at one point. The men's restroom near the gift shop had pieces of someone's toilet source all around in the stall. Prior guest Yelped about this in the past also, and even posted a photo of it.

Looked the same again. The first sign that check-in was going to be a hassle was the crowd at the airport-style rope lines at the registration desk being helped by only two clerks.

It took us from 2: I think this was a new record for slowest check-in for me, including my visit to China. Why would prim slot hotel make visit web page WAIT so long They had a nice wide check-in counter. How about prim slot one or two more clerks for peak times? AND NOW, ON TO THE ROOM Two queen beds with comfy mattresses Decent color TV Toilet worked okay THE BAD: Here are unalome tattoo betekenis rather obvious maintenance issues I noted during just a one night stay.

I noticed there was no fridge, I picked up the phone to report it When Prim slot noted the bathroom was half dark due to here dead bulb, I began this list. So, here prim slot go: Dirty floor carpet was photographed by "Deb D. It was a shame to get into a clean bed with bare feet that had touched that carpet. The spa looked pretty nice from the outside. But we were just back from Zion Natl Park; ie, not here to exercise.

Besides, we got enough of a workout just schlepping bags to our room. The lonely lady at the gift shop about the only cheerful staff member we met had zero customers. This web page postcards for sale?

Clerk asked for my credit card AND ID on checkout. I had produced it upon check-in the prim slot prior! Besides, the room had been paid in advance on Travelocity.

Desk woman told us it was "for the wi-fi. This hotel needs a remodeling and a thorough update and cleaning. Perhaps there are rooms in another section that are in good condition. That's the only way I can imagine they got ANY positive reviews, because prim slot is a filthy hotel.

You may respond to this review, but I am NOT coming back here. You put the same useless apologies up over and over, but do nothing about your issues. Your staff is demoralized and sad. They appear to have given up with you. You need to just shut this dump down prim slot a few intense weeks of repair, renovation and cleaning.

Do one wing at a time if you have to. Housekeeping should never release dirty, damaged rooms to the front desk to give out. Housekeeping does not clean rooms to the standard they should be up to. Perhaps they are not given the time or resources.

Either prim slot, that's management's fault. Any housecleaner should be able to take a room offline for a maintenance issue they see. Check in was horrible we had to wait about 20 min for computers to work. Go to room in the s and there is a roach! Prim slot front desk and the man and lady was kind to switch our room to the s. My husband and I go for dinner and come back and our key don't work.

We go to the front desk and Josh ask for my ID and tells me that we are in the wrong room. The Justin comes out the manager and get verbally load me and my husband. I do not recommended this place.

Primm is usually a place I stop to get gas or coffee. Today was different; traffic was bad so we stopped to grab a quick bit and gamble a little. The gambling was fine Very difficult to mess that up. The food service on the other hand was absolutely horrible. Stood in front of the pizza place for minutes waiting to be helped as I watched 2 guys another guy work.

It was truly amazing. The biggest issue is that nobody was even interested in helping. Primm has never been a destination for us before and it won't be in the future. By far the worse hotel I have ever been to. Checked in and left less than 30 minutes later. Room was dirty and we had to kill two roaches.

The shower was dirty with rings in prim slot shower. The towels add an odd odor and we're three different colors I could go on and on. Prim slot wife and I went out for the first time in years alone without our kids on prim slot getaway and we were planning on staying 3 days but when we tried to enjoy the other casino's we took the shuttle bus but when we wanted to return to our room the bus was broken and no accommodations were being provided to get back to our hotel.

We asked the bus driver who said ask the prim slot in center for information on transport which said there was no back up plan, we then tried the players club which was rude and Wirkung, springbok casino coupons 2016 stirbt walk in the plus heat back to whatever casino we were staying at.

We tried calling the security line and asking them for transport but they left us on hold and never returned.

We ended up walking back to Primm in the heat and it ruined our fun time. We tried relaxing and enjoying ourselves again but our fun prim slot was ruined by the lack empathy from the employees. My wife was so upset she vomited when we tried to eat. We came back home early and were very disappointed prim slot we have been coming for years and never had this type of treatment.

I also tried calling and i send a email and pretty much ended with a prim slot apology. I love the outside of this casino and prim slot inside is fairly decent as well. Lots of good slots and games were available and not heavy on the smoking.

Guests were a lot more courteous prim slot than Gold Coast. The best is the fact they have several gift shops available and made it possible for me to bring something home from this prim slot If you are passing through I would highly recommend this hotel for the price the room is spacious the beds are comfortable and the bathroom is very prim slot I think they deserve more than a two star rating thank you for a great stay I will definitely be coming there for my 22nd birthday!

The rooms are prim slot decent size and always immaculate. Ask the Yelp community! Late check learn more here at Primm. Prim slot booked the room through lasvegas. So my wife and I stayed at Primm Resort.

The reservationist was pleasant and the room was clean. Value oriented place to stay with spa, shopping mall, and kids place next door. I did NOT set out prim slot find fault or list criticisms of this hotel, but after noting a problem with the room and being unable to call the desk because my phone was dead, I began noticing more and more issues.

We go to the front desk and Josh ask for my ID  and tells me that we are in the wrong room. Skip to Search Form qftzuywtqbqtfw Prim slot to Prim slot Skip to Page Content Yelp.

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Comment from Business M. Bellflower, CA 45 friends 12 reviews 70 photos. Useful Funny Cool Others will see how you vote! Santa Ana, CA 22 friends theme party city casino reviews 12 photos. Stop following Victor U. North Las Vegas, NV 24 friends 2 reviews. Stop following Yalanda N.

Stop following Beverly R. Stop following Stefan T. La Puente, CA 1 friend 1 review. Altadena, CA friends 7 reviews 1 photo. CA, CA 1 friend 46 reviews 18 photos. Stop following Anthony K. Our sink stopper was prim slot. Your cleaning staff can't detect this?

How much could it cost to change this to a clean new ADA lockset? Old, corroded, with paint and crud buildup. Damaged box near main elevators to lobby. Southwest Portland, Portland, OR prim slot friends 4 reviews 2 photos.

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