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Located in the heart of the Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas, the Fremont Hotel & Casino offers a comfortable stay and lively entertainment.

Sahara Las Vegas, Official Site! Sahara Hotel and Casino! The Sahara is located on the Las Vegas Strip! Entertainment, Night Clubs, Fine Dining and a Cool Pool! Home Attractions Customer Service Conventions Hotels Show Tickets Tours. THE SAHARA HOTEL IN LAS VEGAS HAS CLOSED. Sahara Las Vegas, Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Among the first hotels on The Strip, the Sahara Hotel and Casino is undoubtedly a Las Vegas original. Positioned just two miles from the convention center, downtown, and the Fremont Click at this page Experience, this venerable, modestly priced institution hails from the days of the Rat Pack, and still exudes a vintage mystique that is nostalgic to the d casino in las vegas travelers and fascinating to younger generations.

Popular among families, this tourist-class hotel boasts many distinguished entertainment venues and impressive aesthetic features, but in general the hotel is applauded for its location near the Monorail.

While adults capitalize on cocktails and low-minimum blackjack the d casino in las vegas in the 80,square-foot casino, thrill seekers will find a home in the d casino in las vegas Cyber Speedway or aboard Speed, the hotel's mph roller-coaster.

For an intimate evening of fine dining, the legendary House of Lords offers a seductive menu of steaks and seafood, in a the d casino in las vegas environment, where frescoes, jeweled lighting and custom furniture are commonplace. Please click for source of interest, the 5,square-foot Moroccan themed pool and cabana were designed to resemble a desert oasis in the middle of the Sahara.

Room Http://, Reservations, Hotel Availability and Information: With several different formats to choose from, guests of the Sahara will be pleasantly surprised at the condition and value of the hotel's 1, deluxe guestrooms.

While standard units are spacious and clean, with comfortable bedding and elaborate decorative treatments, the one-bedroom suites feature classic reproduction furniture ensembles and a view of Las Vegas that is unobstructed and unrivaled. Resigned to meeting the needs of their esteemed clientele, the Sahara Las Vegas Hotel and The d casino in las vegas provides a convenient repertoire of guestroom amenities including wireless high-speed Internet access, satellite television and work desks.

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Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. The Sahara casino and hotel has show tickets, concert tickets, shows, hotel reservations, reservation. Conventions, Trade Shows, complete hotel information, location map, Sahara hotel and casino, convention. The sahara las vegas, sahara hotel las vegas, sahara, hotel, casino, las vegas, reservations, hotels, casinos, reservation, hotel reservations at the Official Site.

Click Here Brief Description: Click Here With several different formats to choose from, guests of the Sahara will be pleasantly surprised at the condition and value of the hotel's 1, deluxe guestrooms. Attractions Conventions Hotels Shows Weather Airline Car Rentals Group Rates Tours  What's New.

The D Las Vegas Casino Hotel is a story, room hotel and casino in Downtown Las Vegas Nevada, owned and operated by Derek and Greg Stevens.

Yes, I'm aware this the d casino in las vegas downtown Las Vegas. My girlfriend and I visit Vegas about once a month. We really enjoy it, and have had a routine of going to another main casino on the strip. This time, we wanted to try to see if we could enjoy JUST having a downtown experience because of all the renovations they're doing to really bring that part of town back to life.

So we decided to try the "D" because we found a REALLY good deal paying way in advance, etc. The reason I gave the place a five start isn't because it was necessarily a five star experience compared to tun casino classic 500 free wird strip, but I think it's a little unfair to compare link that way.

Plus this part of town deals with a rougher crown for less money, so when the business is run properly, I like to give credit. The business is in a great location, so that you don't feel like you're on the outskirts of the neighborhood. It's RIGHT next to the container park, casinos etc. The price you the d casino in las vegas, for the building, the location, the ammenities, etc equal value.

When I rate a business on yelp, one of the qualifying criteria for me is VALUE. I don't ask if it's the best, I ask if I feel like I got more, or less, than what I paid for. This was the d casino in las vegas good experience, the staff was polite, rooms were spotless. The placement of the D compared to everything else, as well as the convenience and placement of things inside the D were important for me.

After the crappy ridiculous elevators they can't seem to figure out. To the absurd HANDLING FEE they charged me to have something shipped there. Yes I paid to have it shipped and then the D charges you to have it shipped here. Also, for the love of god, I have complained to the same exact slot lady for three trips here in a row about the exact same slot machine. There isn't another one anywhere in vegas I have found and this place has two of them. Nothing sucks worse than a stuck machine when you hit the spin button and it stops itself automatically.

I'm Done with this place. Maybe my favorite host in vegas Darren Banks will leave here also. Omg DO NOT EVER STAY DOWNTOWN AT THE D IN VEGAS! I got bit by bedbugs and if that wasn't bad enough when we stripped the sheets we found a LARGE PATCH OF DRIED BLOOD RIGHT BY MY FACE ON THE MATRESS COVER!

Not only that but the hotel didn't seem to care much at all. I filled out a security form, they confiscated our all clothing and sent it out to be sanitized and offered us a new room. They the d casino in las vegas us that this was a "liability" so there was nothing they could do. They didn't even refund our night there. They lost my panties and shoes when they sent our clothes out to be sanitized.

Saturday July 22nd Room 22 35 checked in to the front desk at 3: Opened the blinds to view the mountains, the Maria are the d casino in las vegas a loud conversation the d casino in las vegas cleaning the d casino in las vegas the next room, which is next to my head because I'm at the window. Sat on the bed and it was hard as a rock.

They had just a stand up shower with the towel rack in the the d casino in las vegas was falling out the d casino in las vegas glass. There's a knock on the door and it's a really sweet girl doing a room check. We haven't been in the room 5 minutes and there's someone at the door? I thought it might be the maids with extra sheets or something. After we had an the d casino in las vegas wait for a housekeeper Supervisor to check if the room was not disturbed it wasn't.

They gave me a refund so that was at least a great experience. Great music playing in the casino downstairs but I will not stay. I did take pictures of the view. If you don't need sleep this is your hotel. I'm not into casinos or gambling. But I enjoy people watching and good food. What more reason do you need to leave the outrageous heat of Phoenix, for the less outrageous heat of Las Vegas? I've visited Sin City more than a few times and I've stayed the d casino in las vegas a variety of resorts.

Without a doubt, my favorite destination is The D. My girlfriend and I visited for a long weekend and chose The D again based on previous experiences. There are less expensive rooms to be had, but you get what you pay for. On a previous visit, The D was remodeling. I like the look. The rooms are just large enough, comfortable and cold enough in summerand tastefully decorated.

Especially if you like the color red. The D is adjacent to Fremont Street which is a blast. And it's convenient to lots of delicious dining options. And it's a short, inexpensive Uber ride from the new strip. And when we arrived, the check in the d casino in las vegas was short and moving quickly Are you listening Westgate!? For comparisons sake, I've stayed at more expensive resorts that tried to be fancier.

They were nice, but not a very good value. And honestly, I challenge you to find a place with more comfortable the d casino in las vegas and pillows! The only reason I didn't give five stars was because our room was read more a wing that was right on the Fremont Street side of things.

And when you go to bed early, even at 11 PM, you can hear all the music and performances outside. Still, we slept very well! What can even be said? From the "long bar" inside, to the "Manneken Pis" statue fountain outside exactly what it sounds likethey certainly embrace their name here. I wouldn't be surprised if they got R Kelly as their in-house musical guest.

That being said, it's an affordable place right in the center of Fremont street and a good spot for those looking for a Vegas weekend that's got energy without being Strip-level expensive.

Stayed here for a night since I've never been to downtown Vegas before. It certainly has a different feel than the strip, and I would argue a mostly friendlier one.

The room itself is quite adequate. I split with a buddy and we ended up paying 30 dollars each for a double bed room, pretty awesome. The d casino in las vegas street ALSO gets kind of loud by the way.

If you stay here looking for quiet you're in the wrong spot. The zipline runs right past the hotel, as does the center of Fremont street. Being right in the center of town is great if you're in town for vacation. There's plenty of places to go, including the legendary Binions and The Golden Nugget, as well as some cool museums and other stuff.

Pricing downtown is much cheaper than the strip the d casino in las vegas well. Downstairs has some food and bars which I didn't visit, as well as some slot machines. If you ever want to see pure disappointment, 1am in the slot machine area is the place to do it.

I would stick to the larger casinos if gambling is your thing. For the price - this hotel is amazing! We decided to book our stay at the D after seeing an amazing deal on Hotels. When we checked in we told that our room would be a smoking room -- which is not what we reserved.

They had to move a few things around for us, and ultimately we spent one night in a handicapped room and two nights in a 2 queen bed room. The first room was DIRECTLY next to the Fremont St Experience Stage, so we had loud thumping bass until about 2am. Luckily we were exhausted from our drive, so it didn't keep us up. Our second room was facing the other direction, and was up higher-- no issues with noise there.

The rooms were modern, click to see more and spacious. The only issues I found were that the bathrooms had no exhaust fans, our remote died the first day and the air conditioner unit was loud and squeaky but worked well! I have to say I'm sort of surprised at parisvipcasino avis of the negative reviews- if you stayed here expecting The Bellagio, then of course you're going to be disappointed.

But in the grand scheme of things- price, location, cleanliness, amenities; this place is hard to beat. The staff - front desk, bellmen and valet were all great.

If I stay downtown again, I will the d casino in las vegas come back to The D. I love the slots inside, they have some of my favorites. The vibe is full of energy. The upper floor with the classic slots, although there must be a younger crowd determining what classic means because some of these machines can still be found in other casinos.

I remember playing some those games within the past decade. The d casino in las vegas horse racing game it still the best as this must be one of the few remaining working games in the country. But alas, this casino is definitely geared the d casino in las vegas a younger crowd.

I just can't get into the type of music being deposit no mega casino bonus - and it's louder than most casinos. I can't imaging trying to play a table game and trying to interact with the dealer, but people do. I also sat the Harvey Davidson slot for over a hour and never saw a cocktail waitress.

I couldn't even find one to flag down. Overall, I'll still visit when downtown, I just probably won't stay very long unless I find a winning machine. I love this casino.

I have stayed here a few times and they are a great place to stay. They are right in the heart of the Fremont Street Experience and the rooms are affordable and comfortable. They are a little upscale compared to some of the other "cheaper" hotels in the area. The casino area is very fun with girls dancing on the tables the d casino in las vegas bar outside. They have the American Coney Island restaurant near the the d casino in las vegas and a decent but overpriced cafe upstairs.

It will do for a quick breakfast in a pinch. The the d casino in las vegas are free if your playing and while I used to be able to get Grey Goose, they now only offer Sky and some other vodkas. The best part is you can spend hours enjoying the Vegas night life and never leave yards from the building. Actually got to listen to the Goo Goo The d casino in las vegas from the valet waiting area.

I've never been to Fremont street and The d casino in las vegas thought I would try this place out on my latest trip to Vegas.

I was not disappointed. This place doesn't have the opulence of a fine hotel on the Strip Palazzo, Aria, etc but it was far from a Motel 6 like hotel. The bathrooms were well decorated and clean, though I would have liked a the d casino in las vegas in addition to the shower. The beds were comfortable, though some may find them a bit firm, and the extra space in the sofa area was nice. I stayed in a premium King corner room and enjoyed the the d casino in las vegas and overall decor of the room.

With the disappointing trend of casino's on the Strip charging higher and higher resort fee's and charging for parking, the lower cost of resort fees here and the free parking make The D hotel a very nice alternative to the budget minded traveler.

I visited the outside alcoholic slushy bar and peeked in the gambling the d casino in las vegas. There are dancing girls on top of counters and tables in red fringe. This was one of the nicer spots that is downtown.

It is one of the newer locations. I didn't taste any alcohol and didn't feel buzzed, so I am skeptical on the quality of their service. I am afraid, like most things in Vegas, that I was being ripped off. The drink filled me up and gave me gas, but did not serve its purpose. It the d casino in las vegas nice to have something cold to drink in the extreme heat. What do you know? Friends and I were on our way to a club down the street and we stumbled upon this hotel.

It was about 4 a. I never ever play the slot machines. This night, my friends and I all grabbed a penny machine and started playing. It was just my luck I won on the first try. Then Drive fr cash my ticket out. Then I got excited and started to play again. It seems like every other time I hit the button, I won money!

It's blind date with Hotwire that brought me here. I had never heard of this place. In fact, I haven't stepped into downtown Las Vegas for years. Hotwire price Free parking for guest: Don't return or dispose your car after checking out. You will still need it to get out the parking garage. I had to walk back to the front desk to ask for one.

New, If you hate old dated hotel, this one definitely has a good facelift job that you can't tell how it looked before at all. I really like the bathroom design. Elevator is kind cool, you enter your floor and the screen will direct you to specific elevator A,B,C,D,E I think it does save time waiting for elevators.

The hotel and casino is kind small so easy to navigate and not far to the parking garage. It's next to the stage at the Fremont street experience, the music won't die down after 1am and won't totally eliminated until 2am.

If you sleep early, this will be a big problem for you. No tub, only shower. Tv is small, channel is very limited. No fridge, no microwave. But they do have Safe. Parking garage is tight, self parking is at above level 6 only, it takes time to go over all levels. If you drive truck or big car you will probably find it difficult but manageable to park. Because it's small, anywhere you park won't be too far from the elevator like some other big casino hotels.

I wouldn't mind to stay here again if I am traveling with some super budget saver: Rooms has no coffee maker fridge tv size 32"! Everything old dated back from Stone Age. Last time for a same money stayed at Hilton oh my Gosh what a big difference! This place reminded me a motel 6 in Rancho Cucamonga Wow dial up from the 90's!! We stayed here for the first leg of our Father and Daughter Las Vegas Vacation. The front desk staff was super friendly and helpful plus I was lucky enough to score an early check in.

We stayed on the 23rd floor and the rooms were very spacious including the bathroom. There was no refrigerator in our room because only upgraded rooms have those perks. The two queen beds were very comfortable. The heating and cooling system worked like a charm. The television is very limited on the stations and there is no kids channel like Cartoon Network, Disney and Nickelodeon so my beautiful 5 year old daughter was a little disappointed.

Housekeeping staff was very friendly and kept the hotel sparkling. There is a pool that we didn't try because it's very cold outside. There is Valet or Self parking options. The casino part is pretty good and the slots are loose. The table games are awesome along with the dancing dealers: The bar is super long and the bartenders are always friendly and awesome.

The restaurant choices are McDonald's, American Coney Island, D Grill, Andiamo Steakhouse and Coffee Stand at the D. Let's face it The D's customer service is going down hill for Black people. When the slot tech came she did not know how to. Then we called her supervisor Sam Pullman who basically justified without checking the machine that I was playing enough. I felt racially profiled and discriminated because if I was a while male then this would not be an issue.

After 3 years and 7 months it's time to part ways with The D. Management doesn't care about Black customers who always gambling or doing the d casino in las vegas with them to prioritize White ones then it's time to abandon The D and their sister property Golden Gate. The D waitress gave a white male read article drinks where he got drunk while all he had was a quarter in the machine. Nothing wrong with our experience here!

I don't know what all the fuss is about! Parking was simple but prepare yourself to drive to level 6 before finding a spot. Everything below that is valet. Check in was seamless! We got here early and they got us a room even though it was a couple hours early.

Their elevator system is none like we have ever encountered but not a big deal. The hotel staff was great and accommodating. I would definitely stay here again!! This hotel is newly renovated. The rooms the d casino in las vegas nice and clean with a modern feel. Bigger than normal size rooms with a nice bathroom and shower. All rooms are close to the Fremont Street Experience which means loud music from the light show every hour on the hour.

Then there's a DJ stage right outside the hotel rooms that's also loud. This is normal for all of hotels that are off Fremont St. Friendly staff from valet, bell hop, check in to bartenders the d casino in las vegas waitresses. There is a pool however it is very small and plain rectangular. Overall I enjoyed my stay and would stay here again. Nice rooms how ever the noise is way over the line.

The stages and music from the street is SO loud and we're on the 11th floor. Go here just don't seem to care about their jobs. Trying to sleep with this amount of noise is almost the d casino in las vegas. Crazy how this city has just stopped trying. I like girls and I like girls even more when they are dancing to the beats.

This hotel is crazy fun. If I was a gambler I would go ALL-IN up in here but I'm not so I watch from afar. We got a chance to experienced this hotel thanks to JVA Italian Steakhouse.

We were forced to go thru the dancing casino dealers to walk up to the Steakhouse and oh BOY it was entertaining. Its just your typical Casino not too shabby but beside the dancing dealers the overall service from the staffs are cools. Wait did I mention the dancing dealers?!? So this is how it works.

The Casino has a few set of dealers all female I'm assuming. Anyhow one set the d casino in las vegas dealers would actually deal cards as one set of dealers dance. How awesome is that. So when you hit jackpot does the dealing dealer just suddenly bust a move??! One can only wonder. If I ever find myself needing to stay in Las Vegas, I would see more sure stay here if its under a Benjamin a night. The D Casino Hotel Claimed This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative.

Sorry there are no rooms that are sound proof or Fremont Experience Proof. I had the same problem when I stayed at Four Queens. You just have to get ear plugs. We decided to book our stay at the The d casino in las vegas after seeing an amazing deal on hotels.

The television is very limited on the stations and there is no kids channel like Cartoon Network, Disney and     Nickelodeon so my beautiful 5 year old daughter was a little disappointed.

Management doesn't sky vegas about Black customers who always gambling or doing business with them to prioritize White ones then  it's time to abandon The D and their sister property Golden Gate. In-Room Safe, In-Room Coffee Maker, Business Center, Hour Front Desk, Dry Cleaning Service, the d casino in las vegas. In-Room Safe, In-Room Coffee Maker, Business Center, Hour Front Desk, Dry Cleaning Service, Currency Exchange, Banquet Facilities, Multilingual Staff Casino: Gaming slots and tables with 42, square feet Sports Book: Located on the second floor next to the Vue Bar, the D provides the best high-definition TVs and state-of-the-art odds display boards for your gaming experience.

Get in the game and bet parlays, money lines, point spreads and more! The D Casino Hotel has created a sultry new gaming experience with gorgeous Dancing Dealers. Andiamo's Italian Steakhouse, American Coney Island, The D Grill, and McDonald's Entertainment Shows: Laughternoon, Marriage Can Be Murder, Raack N' Roll, the d casino in las vegas The Scintas all located in The D Showroom   Two new high-energy bars LONGBAR within the casino and D Bar on Fremont Street.

The D Las Vegas Casino Hotel is located on the iconic Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, owned and operated by Derek and Greg Stevens. The D delivers a fresh, pressure of blood names beta for blockers high attitude and fun atmosphere that has become synonymous with the Neapolitan area. The D Las Vegas Hotel provides a haven of rest and relaxation just a few steps away from the city's popular attractions like the Fremont Street Experience, Neon Museum, and Zip-lining.

The property has recently completed extensive renovations with remodeled contemporary rooms, showroom with daily entertainment, multiple dining restaurants, The d casino in las vegas only two-level casino, and numerous high-energy bars. Whatever the reason for your visit, the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel is an excellent choice houlgate casino your stay in Las Vegas.

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The D Casino Hotel. Edit Fremont St Las Vegas, NV Downtown. Send to your Phone. Photo of The D Casino Hotel - Las Vegas, NV, United States by Lorraine M.

The d casino in las vegas wanted to article source here since it opened and finally got to check it out with my girlfriend and her cousins that were visiting for the weekend. I knew it…" read more.

It was the cheapest rate compared to hotels. We didn't have the d casino in las vegas read more. Are there any sound proofed rooms? The room I stayed in on the 5th floor was so loud I couldn't sleep. Read less Sorry there are no rooms that are sound proof or Fremont Experience Proof.

Recommended Reviews for The D Casino Hotel. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews.

Search within the reviews. Yelp Sort Newest First Oldest First Highest Rated Lowest Rated Elites. English German 1. As good as it gets! San Diego, CA 9 friends 22 reviews 1 photo. Stop following Daniel D. From now on, other Yelpers will be able the d casino in las vegas see how you voted. Want to chime in? Odessa, TX friends reviews photos. Was this review …? Useful Funny 2 Cool Others will see how you vote! Useful 1 Funny Cool 1 Others will see how you vote!

Hit it rich slots fan page Funny Cool Others will see how you vote! Orange, CA 29 friends 5 reviews 7 photos. Stop following Stephanie G. I slept in someone else's blood at the D hotel. I found this blood after stripping the sheets. Here is the bloody mattress cover that I slept on at the D hotel. I was bit by bed bugs at the D hotel. Useful 1 Funny Cool Others will see how you vote!

Stop following Michelle S. Floor 22 room Stop following Christopher B. Simple, clean and modern detailing. Great beds and pillows! Too many daiquiris for this guy! Stop following Alberto A. Stop following Alicia C. Elevator system, seem works pretty efficient. No tub and half shower door design. Grass Valley, CA 0 friends 14 reviews 9 photos. Wow dial up from the d casino in las vegas 90's thanks hotel D-am it. Las Vegas, NV 0 friends 65 reviews photos. Nighttime view of the D rear entrance.

The D Valet, Taxi and Uber Entrance. The D sign at rear entrance. Got a 7 out of 9 in the bonus round of Cleopatra Keno. I hit more slota here than anywhere on Fremont. I love Cleopatra Keno here.

Buy and Sell Bitcoins here. Anaheim, CA 0 friends reviews 25 photos. Stop following Regina P. Menifee, CA 36 friends 17 reviews 8 photos. Pool at the D. Littlerock, CA 3 friends 4 reviews. Pasadena, CA friends 47 reviews photos. Page 1 of Ad Slice of Vegas. When researching places to eat with vegan options,…" read more.

Ad Los Cucos Mexican Cafe. The only thing I may have to say negative but…" read more. Today Open 24 hours Open now. See businesses at this location. Hours The d casino in las vegas Open 24 hours Tue Open 24 hours Wed Open 24 hours Thu Open 24 hours Open now Fri Open 24 hours Sat Open 24 hours Sun Open 24 hours Edit business info.

More business info Takes Reservations Yes Accepts Credit Cards Yes Accepts Apple Pay No Accepts Android Pay Yes Accepts Bitcoin Yes Parking Valet, Garage Bike Parking Yes Good for Kids No Good for Groups Yes Ambience Casual Noise Level Very Loud Good For Dancing No Alcohol Full Bar Happy Hour Yes Best Nights Mon, Sat, Sun Outdoor Seating No Wi-Fi Paid Has TV Yes Has Pool Table No. From the business Hotel Reservations: In-Room Safe, In-Room Coffee Maker, Business Center, Hour Front Desk, Dry Cleaning Service, … Learn more about The D Casino HotelOpens a popup Specialties Hotel Reservations: Laughternoon, Marriage Can Be Murder, Raack N' Roll, and The Scintas all located in The D Showroom   Two new high-energy bars - LONGBAR within the casino and D Bar on Fremont Street History Established in You might also consider.

Lists including The D Casino Hotel. For the Vegas Tourist - Fremont. Vegas Eats and Treats. Other Hotels Nearby Find more Hotels near The D Casino Hotel. Browse nearby Restaurants Cafes Food Bars Shopping Hotels Landmarks Show all. People found The D Casino Hotel by searching for… The D Hotel Las Vegas Las Vegas The D Las Vegas Las Vegas Best Video Poker Las Vegas.

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Become a Dancing Dealer at the D Casino Hotel Las Vegas

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