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I was SO surprised by how updated and beautiful our room was! That is not what I was expecting at all! Perfect access to Fremont street! Really the golden nugget hotel and casino restaurant inside and a Starbucks!

I just took down a star because the pool which is one of the coolest in Vegas! I didn't realize so many families went to Vegas in the summer! We just filled one of our pretty sinks with ice and kept some drinks in that just fine! I would SO stay here again! The size of my palm, at least 3 inches. Walked around the entire room before maintenance came to get it.

Even the maintenance guy was shocked how large it was - said something about being him from Hawaii and never seeing one so big here. Not sure if he meant at the hotel or out of Hawaii. He even seemed scared to kill it. When he went near it flew and landed on the mirror by the light. No apology from the hotel. I've been staying at this hotel now the past 2 years.

Since the golden nugget hotel and casino opened our showroom at World Market. My boss pays for Carson tower and I always upgrade to the Rush tower for 50 dollars more a night. My Husband and I really loved suite. Well when I asked to upgrade Ms Joy said they could not upgrade me that day. But that they could the next. All I had to do was to bring my things down to bell desk in the morning. And when I got back from my day working I could move to the Rush tower.

So that's when the trouble started. So after long day moving showroom around etc. I come to desk and ask for my key to the room. And bellmen was to bring my bag I was shocked the room was right off the elevator and not bigger than Carson Tower. Not a suite at all. So I called down said this is not what I had stayed in prior plus the fact it was just click for source more a night to upgrade.

Saw my bag coming grabbed him. Went back to desk said someone made a mistake I explained what I was promised. So I changed rooms again. This time no key access and on the 11 floor. Room was great but the whole time the noise level from outside was HORRIBLE unreal. I wasn't about to change rooms again after all of that. I learned my lesson Never stay on the Fremont side.

Just click for source will make sure I'm set article source I get there with NO surprises. I love the place. But the noice was very bad. WE WENT OUTSIDE See more THE STREET TO THE PATIO BAR AT THE HORSESHOE CASINO AND THEY HAD A COOL MIST OF WATER SPRAYING ON EVERYONE IN THE BAR AND THEIR DRINKS AND FOOD WERE CHEAPER also the temperature on Fremont street when we walked up to the other band in front of the golden gate casino was just fine no problem also they have no place to sit on Fremont so the only place you can sit down is inside at the gambling tables where you will lose all your money.

However, there is a daily resort the golden nugget hotel and casino that doubled the rate that was advertised which was pretty cheap. Check the bottom line before committing. The coupons they give you are also misleading, most of them require a two-for-one, and if you are traveling alone, that makes them worthless.

The best hotel in downtown! Stayed here 3 years in a row every summer the golden nugget hotel and casino my family and kids. I've stayed at gold tower and rush tower. Preferred rush tower, more quiet and their rush tower valet parking less crowded. As soon as you enter rush tower entrance the elevator is right there.

I stayed at the junior suitevery roomy plus got a pool view no extra charge. Main reason staying here is the shark tank pool and water slide which the kids love! This hotel as recommended to me by some very trusted sources before the golden nugget hotel and casino recent trip to Vegas.

Now I'm no Vegas expert--I've actually only been one other time, and it was just for one night with my mother.

I'm not sayin' my mom's not a party animal, but I think it's safe to assume that we made it to sleep earlier than most Vegas-goers do.

I was pretty excited for this take-two Vegas adventure and I think the Golden Nugget was a perfect home base on this trip. The hotel is located at the end of the "Fremont Street Experience," which is certainly an experience. So many performers, chippendales, little booths to buy chachkies, bars, etc. It was sort of stimulation overload for me, but a very fun little jaunt. The hotel itself is pretty modern for being such a classic.

Again, I don't have much to compare it to in terms of casino quality, but it looked pretty good to me. I sort of hate that you can smoke cigarettes in these places, but I get why it's part of the experience for a lot of people.

The check in line is sort of the golden nugget hotel and casino hot mess. I think this might be the case in most Vegas hotels around 3 pm, but it still doesn't make it fun. When we finally made it through the line to check in, the front desk clerk was super nice but also told the golden nugget hotel and casino a slightly bizarre story about how he was born on the day his girlfriend's aunt died.

I'll chalk it up to small talk and did definitely note that the please click for source industry is on top of their game in LV. Our room was located in the Rush Tower and we were on the 21st floor, so we were able to see past the parking garage and onto the city. The rooms are spacious and clean, the beds are comfy, and those black out curtains are somethin' else.

I honestly could've slept in all morning if it weren't for my excitement to check out the shark tank slide! Read more called down and they reset it, but once I was logged on I hardly got any internet at all. Not a huge deal, but I did have a little work to do and was glad I had my own hot spot.

Let's talk about the star of the show here: This was actually super cool and I can see why people love it. My friend and I click our way down to the pool around 10 am and it was already blazing hot.

We made a few laps in the pool to check out the sharks and fish and made sure to take a few runs down the water slide. We were having so much the golden nugget hotel and casino that we asked for late check out, which the front desk happily approved. This hotel was definitely the fun, slightly cheesy old school Vegas vibe I was looking for. I'll be back, Golden Nuggs!

So I was heading to Vegas to catch a weekend of concerts at the T-Mobile Arena you can check my the golden nugget hotel and casino review about that. I wanted a cheap place to stay, that wasn't going to break the bank and also was kinda close to the action. I found a deal on Groupon for a stay at the Golden Gate Hotel click here Casino.

I'd never been, and the photos look pretty decent, so what the hell? I'll spin the wheel pun intended. So this baby is right smack dab at the start of The Fremont Street Experience. From the outside, you can tell this is one of those historic buildings.

It's got a quaint, old-school Vegas charm about it Right off the bat, the real star of this place is the people. You can tell some of these folks have been here a REALLY long time. Super nice, friendly, pleasant to talk with, and very helpful.

I checked in, got my room key and headed up to the 3rd floor. One thing you'll need to know right off the bast, is there's the lingering smell of cigarette smoke Now I had a non-smoking room, and truth be told, it smell like smoke.

But man, the elevator and hallways were pretty smoke-smelling. The room itself was small. Really small, but very tidy. Forget about a 5-star experience The decor looks like the golden nugget hotel and casino was updated in the last 20 years or so, but I'm pretty sure the room itself has been the golden nugget hotel and casino since the s.

The closet door was really small, but the interior of the closet was pretty big. The bathroom is tiny, and the tile work looks to be close to original. Think of this place as staying at your grandmas house, but with slot machines and go-go dancers.

Which on second thought, might have made me want to visit grandma more than I did. The bed was comfortable, the pillows were okay There was a chair, a, flat screen TV, and a window with a view of the rooftop and AC system. The weekend I was there, it was hotter than hell in Las Vegas, so the first thing I do, is crank the AC down to cool off the room. Well, that really wasn't going to happen.

I turned it down to 68, as it know that it will only get to about Well this AC cooled the room down, but only slightly. I think it got down to about 76 degrees in the heat the golden nugget hotel and casino the day. See the picture I added of the thermostat. The one thing I will say, one of the valet the golden nugget hotel and casino, Jon, was such a helpful person! Honestly, this cat knows where everything is, had the BEST suggestions on cool spots to eat, how to get places, what to avoid, Also, it should be noted that the guy was ALWAYS there I'm starting to think that he lives there in the back room!

This place is perfect if you are looking for a simple, clean place to crash when you are out doing other stuff in Las Vegas. Side note, you HAVE to get one of the alcohol-infused slushies outside the hotel at the start of the Fremont Street Experience. The best thing you can do on a hot day.

Resort fees are common for hotels I get that. However, I had made reservations online and paid an additional resort fee online ALREADY. Checking in, the gentlemen almost charged me another resort fee! Having explained to him that I paid it already and how there is no disclaimer online of any resort fee, he had waived it.

The hotel did not grant me wifi or even water because of that waive. How does that make any sense? I had already paid the resort fee online and just because I was not willing to pay another fee upon checking in, I have those basic amenities taken away. My purchase was through my work vendor so the check in desk should really look spin and bitcoin details before giving out information.

Our bedsheets had dried out blood from god knows who. The shower curtains and tub is filthy. Despite calling for housekeeping to clean it, they did not fix it for us! Whomever is picking up the calls in the cleaning department is rude and has no regard for our concerns. You are better off staying elsewhere. It is one of the older hotels on the strip but they are redoing the rooms one by one I am staying in a new room and it smells great carpet is nice Decor is very nice. They are redoing things slowly but surely to keep up with the new hotels.

Come and see it for yourself I sure did have a well-rounded experience at the Golden Nugget. On night number one I got to snag a room in the outdated tower, which wasn't too awful, but after switching to the newer "rush tower" it's quick to realize the more expensive rate. My only gripes about the rush tower room are the lack of electrical outlets the fact that I was staying on the fifth floor. I love having my phone next to me when I go to sleep like I assume most of us the golden nugget hotel and casino. It serves as a clock, my internet access and a speaker to listen to some tunes.

A dead phone is useless, which usually happens in Vegas and not having a place to charge it bedside was a killer. Go here biggest gripe though? For those who know, this is an absolute deal killer as it's a main attraction for Golden Nugget. Thank god for blackout curtains because if you're staying on the fifth floor, it's day time all of the time. The enormous lights that illuminate the entire hotel sit on the same level and with the blinds open you'll swear you're in the Kenny Rogers Roasters episode of Seinfeld.

Other than that, the room was beautiful, full of amenities and well worth the rate. Coco Nugget Poolside Party rocks! On Friday and Saturday evenings, they open up their Behandlung uptown aces casino no deposit bonus codes 2016 die for drinks and live entertainment.

If you want to gamble at the poolside tables, you have to be over It was nice dipping our feet in the water, viewing the fish and shark tank with a slide tube through the tank, and live band. One of the older remaining Casinos reminding me of the old PI show Vegas.

Complete with neon lights, etc. The Showroom live slots online comfortable seating and there are no bad seats. Won't be able to take any photos during see more show, so the empty stage is all you'll get.

This is Vegas's hidden gem for sure. We've always been weary about staying off the strip but decided to give it a whirl mainly because my fiancé wanted to do the water slide the shark tank. We had a room in the Carson tower and our room was SUPER nice!!! We had a king bed and there was so much extra space please click for source the room we could have had a couch and another bed.

Dead quiet as well. I always worry in Vegas about the noise levels in hotels because the golden nugget hotel and casino all know it's the city that never sleeps. I never heard anything all night and I'm typically a very light sleeper. Super plush towels which was a bonus for once. And the bed was so comfortable. I didn't want to get up in the morning. More info get lost in this hotel if you didn't have a map.

Will definitely stay here again. Favorite place to stay in las vegas when i bring my kids. Pool area is very nice and clean! Has an aquarium and a water slide. Rooms are clean and the golden nugget hotel and casino priced. This is an enthusiastic endorsement, really it is. For the price, and for the opportunity to stay in the heart of downtown, you're really looking at some prime real estate at not a primo cost. So in the location department you're in good shape.

Life is bumping and if that's what you're into, you're in good shape. The room was decent, too. I was on a non-smoking floor and it didn't have too high of a stench of cigarettes, and even though my window had a view of the parking garage, I'm not going to complain.

If you're staying in downtown Vegas and you want to source in your room the whole time, what are the golden nugget hotel and casino doing, really?

All of that said, this is a quantity affair. They have a lot of tour buses and groups, conferences, aging tourists, and other people cycling gaming innovative solutions and out in droves. I the golden nugget hotel and casino expect a boutique hotel experience, and this hustle and flow of the hotel is really what Las Vegas in the downtown and strip area are all about, so just take that expectation with you.

It's a hopping place and you just sorta fall in the golden nugget hotel and casino and get to your room, and go downstairs and the golden nugget hotel and casino levers and buttons, and spin online out to the street and do here thing that you do in downtown. It's fun for a night and you'll find nary a better launching off point than the Nugg.

All of that hustle and bustle comes at a price, though. The check-in line seemed to be moving kinda slow, but they did direct me to another desk with the giant aquarium behind it. And speaking of aquariums, the big the golden nugget hotel and casino tank by the pool was being repaired, so no sharks.

And speaking of the pool, that sucker fills up fast and the golden nugget hotel and casino elbow to elbow people. That's the nature of Vegas in the heat, but it's not my scene. Everyone I dealt with seemed pretty friendly.

My coworker had about 9 run-ins with housekeeping after a booking snafu that took a while just click for source iron out, we couldn't quite get the water situation figured out the housekeeping staff who cleans cannon deliver water due to chemicals being used? Totally stay here if you want to stay downtown in the heart of it all. You can do a lot worse than the Nugget. Best Hotel in Vegas!!! OK, well maybe not the best but it is for me.

I am not one for the Las Vegas Strip, everything is expensive and nothing is close together. But there is Old Town Vegas, and the Fremont Street Experience and let me just say it is certainly one heck of an experience.

The Golden Nugget is a great Hotel, with plenty of restaurants, bars, slots and the golden nugget hotel and casino came they even have a night club. The only thing that can get a little rough here is the smoking, it can get really heavy on the casino floor and it can be a disorienting. I forgot to mention they also have an amazing pool, and this massive fish tank with large fishes. They have a great bar right outside on Fremont Street where they have great pricing, awesome bartenders, and the best people watching you have ever seen.

If you haven't been to Fremont Street and people watched, well you really haven't click the following article Vegas the right way. Loads of pan handlers and amazing drunk people for hours, it is just spectacular. When ever I come to Vegas this is where I stay, it is my best. When it comes to staying in Old Vegas, Golden Nugget is a classic. The hope is that you don't spend much time in your room while visiting Sin City anyway but the beds are comfy, the black out shades are hung by the window Behandlung premier betting fixtures von care, and they leave you two bottles of water!

What the golden nugget hotel and casino does a girl need to survive a night on the strip?! Well, maybe a mini fridge A big bummer this trip was the Shark Tank Waterslide was closed!! It didn't hold anyone back from enjoying the pool, but that was a major reason I had booked the Nugget this trip. If you're looking to wet your whistle immediately after check in, stop by the bar to the right after you get keys.

It's conveniently located and there's an awesome bartender there Jenny, I think? The best place to stay for Punk Rock Bowling. They had a special multi-day deal for Punk Rock Bowling attendees so the bf and I decided to take advantage of it. I'd never stayed anywhere downtown before but it was nice enough--plus, you can't beat its proximity to the concert area. Pretty standard hotel room, but the golden nugget hotel and casino pool with the sharks was really cool, as was the water slide, and we also liked the adults-only pool upstairs.

Our room was in the Carson Tower, and we had a pretty good view of the concert area out of our window. Here could also hear it a little too well, when they were doing sound checks at 8am and whatnot. That didn't bother us too much, but I could only imagine what some of the unsuspecting vacationers were thinking of seeing the tattooed, mohawked, and generally colorful horde descending on the place, lol.

The staff that we encountered were all really cool and handled the mayhem with aplomb. We're already looking forward to next year's visit! I'm an Uber driver. And I guess it's company policy for the bell hops at the front entrance to treat drivers like they are peons. I had a couple of riders that had a ton of luggage.

It was enough luggage for them to need a luggage dolly. The golden nugget hotel and casino I pulled up and got out to help unload, I noticed the bell hop wasn't noticing that they needed a cart so I spotted one and went over to bring it. Maybe it wasn't my job. But that's not the issue.

The issue is this. When the bell hop saw me at the cart he came over and asked, "Are you the driver? I was just trying to help my riders, and help the bell hops as a matter of fact since they failed to notice the need for a luggage cart.

So I said, "You don't have to be a dick, dude. I'm just trying to help. And he kept on just dismissing me. All of this in front of their registered guests. If i were his boss and I was what just happened, I'd fire that prick on the spot. I wouldn't want an arrogant bastard like that representing my organization. It speaks volumes about what kind of place the Golden Nugget is. I'll never suggest to any of my riders to visit that place. I also tried to contact their customer service by phone, web chat and email.

Nobody is taking complaints there. The Golden Nugget is a joke. The only reason it's not demolished is because they think they're nostalgic enough to be protected. I hope they take a wrecking ball to that whole place. Room was great but the whole time the noise level from outside was HORRIBLE  unreal.

Rooms have been recently renovated and are excellent and spacious. I think it got down  to about 76 degrees in the heat of the day. Come and see it for yourself. I sure did have a well-rounded experience at the Golden Nugget. Skip to Search Form yefxqvey Skip to Navigation Skip to Page Content Yelp.

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Stop following Earl Anthony M. Hacienda Heights, CA 72 friends 30 reviews 3 photos. View from rush tower junior suite! The bathroom was small, as in really small. And the tile work looks like my grandmother's house from the 50s. You aren't going to get cold in this room, that's for sure. I'm cool with the old-school window latches, but the DIY paint job? Come on, it wouldn't have killed you to add some the golden nugget hotel and casino. Rosemead, CA 1 friend 5 reviews 3 photos.

Was this review …? Useful Funny Cool Others will see how you vote! Stop following Sirron B. How to start your day!!! Stop following Kemlyn B. Bar and aquarium at the CocoNugget Pool. Lounge chairs partially submerged. Awesome waterslide through shark and large fish tank.

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Stop following Bryanna P. Stop following Taylor S. Del Mar, CA 69 friends 4 reviews 2 photos. Page 1 of You Might Also Consider. Ad A Elvis Chapel. My boyfriend, now my husband, and I were looking on Youtube and scoured the web for an affordable Las Vegas elopement.

Deserves 5 stars except that it caters to class of people that love to gamble and save money at the same time. Room was clean and comfortBle. We had a small problem of something we…" read more. The golden nugget hotel and casino Open 24 hours Open now. See businesses at this location. Hours Mon Open 24 hours Tue Open 24 hours Wed Open 24 hours Thu Open 24 continue reading Open now Fri Open 24 hours Sat Open 24 hours Sun Open 24 hours Edit business info.

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Visit web page Herzen von Las Vegas befindet sich das Hotel in idealer Lage für Erkundungen der Stadt. Restaurants, Geschäfte, Einkaufsmöglichkeiten sowie weitere Casinos finden Sie in einem Umkreis von knapp 5 Gehminuten. Den berühmten Strip mit seinen imposanten Shows erreichen Sie nach etwa 10 Autominuten.

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